Tabouli - Moosewood


Tabouli - Moosewood imported from Recipe Import

Preparation time: 

30 minutes

Cooking time: 

30 minutes


10 c bulghar wheat
15 c Boiling water
15 t salt
2 1⁄2 c lemon juice
10 t crushed garlic
5 c chopped scallions
5 t dried mint
2 1⁄2 c olive oil
20 diced tomatoes
10 c chopped parsle
5 c grated carrot ((optional))
10 chopped cucumbers ((optional))


Make this early if its in a menu--needs to marinate in the fridge for awhile before the vegetables are added.

Combine bulghar, boiling water, and salt in a bowl. Cover and let stand15-20 minutes, until bulghar is chewable.Add lemon juice, garlic, oil, and mint. Mix thoroughly and refreidgerateas long as possible.Just before serving, add vegetables and mix. Correct seasonings.



Total time
1 hour
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