Tabouleh - 2


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Preparation time: 

30 minutes

Cooking time: 

30 minutes


1⁄2 c burghur wheat
2 bn flat-leaf parsley (chopped)
  (about 1 1/2 cup before washing)
1 bn fresh mint
  (about 10 gr. before washing (or 1/2)
  cup chopped)
3 green onions or 1 small onion
1 tomato (!large )
6 T lemon juice
4 T olive oil
1 romaine lettuce (!head (optional))


Leave the burghul in water for about 2 hours, then wash and squeeze out. Wash and chop the parsley, mint and green onions very fine. Dice the tomato.

Combine all ingredients including burghur. Add salt to taste, lemon juice, olive oil and mix well. Serve in a bowl lined with lettuce leaves.

This salad can be eaten with a fork, but the traditional way is to scoop up a bite of the mixture in a lettuce leaf and pop it into the mouth.

From "Aramco World" magazine, March - April 1988



Total time
1 hour
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