Stuffed Grape Leaves


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Preparation time: 

30 minutes

Cooking time: 

30 minutes


1 c corn oil
4 lemons, juice of (!large )
1 bottle Grape leaves (!large (or 2 small ones))
2 1⁄2 lb ground beef or lamb
1 big onion (chopped)
1 c rice
1 can peeled tomatoes (!small chopped)
1 T dry mint
  salt and pepper to taste


1. Prepare the filling by mixing all the ingredients well.

2. Take the Grape leaves out of the bottle as gently as possible and rinse them.

3. Put a couple of the leaves at the bottom of a dutch oven pot and start stuffing the leaves with the filling. It would be a good idea to snip the stems if they are tough. Arrange them in the pot snugly and continue till the pot is almost full (leave about 1 inch).

4. Pour the lemon juice and the oil in the pot and add enough water till it coves the stuffed leaves.

5. Cover the leaves with a heavy plate that just fits inside the pot and weigh it down with some thing heavy and clean (the leaves should not be free to move around, otherwise they become unwrapped).

6. Bring the pot to boil and reduce to a simmer and cook for about 1.5 hours.

7. Pour out the extra liquid and arrange the leaves on a plate.



Total time
1 hour
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