SIP { Special Integrated Program }

The School’s name target is to help students with learning disabilities overcome their gaps and know how to receive, organize and analyze all information to be able to re-attend regular classes

Special Integrated Program


For that reason, the school opened a special program, that follows special teaching techniques and tools, named as Special Integration Program for students having learning disabilities of these kinds:

- Dyslexia 
- social disorders
- Dysgraphia
- slow learners
- Psychological disorders


What we do

1st A diagnostic assessment, a written and oral one, is done. 

2nd Parents should submit a report from a doctor specialized in Education ( will be recommended from the school ). 

3rd A special educator takes part in setting up an individual educational plan (IEP). 

4th Based on the assessment and plan, the student is classified in a class with a group of maximum 6 students that fits his academic needs.