Accounting and Inventory program comprehensive and unique features easily and high-speed action and contains (bills of sale, returnable bills of sale, purchase invoices, bills returnable purchase, conversion between stores, inventory, invoices profits, sales reports, procurement reports, models selling cars (Show prices), file storage, file tab material, file materials, file commissions salespeople, file materials expired (particularly food and medicines and the like), an input file or amend inventory, file maintenance, file installed electrical appliances and electronic when customers,file scheduling tasks (scheduled alerts), file manufacturing (assembly - my choice), accounting files, a broad package of reports, statements, etc. ...

The program includes the following core files: (Parents File , students file, Classes file , Marks file , Employees file , Accounting system)The following reports (nominal regulations for the Class, Certificates, Affidavits, Statistics students by stage, Marks records annual statement registered By Student, and accounting Statement by parent "for private schools" ).

Library management system Details

Membership management system with accounting 

Clinic Center Management System General with multi-Clinic