Hicham Husain Takache:
​Artist From Nabatieh, South Lebanon

 Artist Profile
Hicham a self-taught artist presently lives with his family in Nabatieh, Lebanon. After receiving his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Iowa State University, he has continued to work in the same field. However, his enthusiasm for art has persisted and he deals creativity with awesomeness of the Spiritual World on his canvas.
Hicham Takache is an artist who displays a unique sensitivity and enthusiasm in his work. At first glance his paintings excite our senses and invade our spirit. His work demonstrates the artistic adroitness inherited from Nabatieh, a quaint mountain town in South Lebanon that inspired many local artists.
Hicham is able to attain such meritorious work by using the smoothness and the fluidity of the oil painting; thus allowing him to generate a feeling of depth and infinity in his art. 
Hicham’s paintings have been exhibited in Lebanon, Toronto, Ottawa, Philadelphia, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Kansas City and Montreal. A glimpse to his art is provided by Eid and postcards reproduced from his original paintings. He continues to perpetuate the magnificent tradition of calligraphic art from his studio, the art that links the present to the past and invokes in us a sense of mystery and splendor.